VW of South Charlotte Service Department Advisors

Travis Hahn

Travis Hahn
Service Manager


What do you get when you combine 27 years in automotive maintenance, master certifications from three of the world’s largest auto manufacturers, a family history rooted in the auto industry, a rock solid work ethic and a genuine desire to please people? Travis Hann, the Service Manager of Volkswagen of South Charlotte.

Along with his master certifications from Volkswagen, General Motors, and Chrysler, Travis brings nearly three decades worth of expertise and experience to Volkswagen of South Charlotte, setting a pretty high bar for the rest of the department.

What’s kept Travis in the same industry for such an impressive amount of time? His love of interacting with people, helping customers overcome potentially stressful situations, and helping his employees reach their full potential.

Travis has a simple but effective philosophy regarding customer service; when a customer leaves happy, he and his entire team have done their jobs. To that effect Travis makes each customer feel as if they are his top priority during visits.

Obviously Travis loves the work he does at Volkswagen of South Charlotte. He also enjoys camping, traveling, attending concerts, and spending time with friends and family.

John Schmidt

John Schmidt
Assistant Service Advisor


Anyone who’s spent 22 years in the automotive repair and maintenance business has got to love what he does and that’s certainly true when it comes to John Schmidt who turned his love of cars into a career. For the last five years, John has brought his experience, his Volkswagen certification and his professionalism to the award-winning service department at Volkswagen of South Charlotte. John is the epitome of someone who genuinely enjoys coming to work every day. That’s because the best part of John’s job, according to him, is the opportunity to help not just his customers but also the members of his department. John is always ready to share his experience with his coworkers and staff in order to produce truly exceptional service writers and help the experienced ones improve even more.

When it comes to customer satisfaction John does whatever is necessary to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience from the first phone call, through the service and all the way to the follow up.

Outside of Volkswagen of South Charlotte, John likes to spend time with his wife and two daughters. His other passions include cooking and sports, of course!

Joerg Kuehni

Joerg Kuehni
Service Consultant


Between his 13 years in automotive service and his title of Volkswagen Certified master Consultant Joerg is singularly qualified to handle the unique challenges we face every day when it comes to maintaining some of the world’s most technologically advanced and sophisticated automobiles while ensuring total customer satisfaction every time.

During his five years at Volkswagen of South Charlotte, Joerg has helped to raise the bar for our truly exceptional standards with his obvious enthusiasm and passion for the fast paced environment of our service department. Of course, it helps that Joerg has an extensive personal history with Volkswagen vehicles so he really knows Volkswagen as an owner and as a service provider.

When it comes to customer service, Joerg loves nothing more than seeing customers get as much as 200,000 miles out of their Volkswagens due to his guidance. Joerg believes that anyone can simply sell service to a customer but it takes a true professional to genuinely care about the customers and their individual needs and to help them maximize their Volkswagen experience. That means going the extra mile like picking up a customer’s vehicle or bringing a stranded client a replacement battery. Realizing that while other auto retailers are content to simply satisfy customers, Joerg’s priority is to amaze them with Volkswagen of South Charlotte’s truly exceptional brand of customer service.

When Joerg is not exceeding his customers’ expectations at Volkswagen of South Charlotte, he likes to spend time with his wife. Joerg also enjoys photography.

Dane Guevara

Dane Guevara
Service Consultant

When you have a love of all things Volkswagen that goes back to your childhood and you’ve owned Volkswagen vehicles exclusively all your life it should come as no surprise when your career path leads towards Volkswagen. This is exactly what happened in Dane Guevara’s case. Having recently obtained his Volkswagen Academy Service Consultant 2015 Certification, Dane is now an enthusiastic member of the Volkswagen of South Charlotte service team.

Clearly being a Volkswagen person himself, Dane enjoys interacting with other Volkswagen enthusiasts which is another reason he enjoys working at Volkswagen of South Charlotte so much. Dane has already established a reputation for sticking with his customers before, during and even after their service visits, believing that communication and follow-up are crucial to maintaining relationships. Realizing that customer satisfaction is key, Dane is ready to whatever it takes to make sure his customers drive away smiling.

When he’s not in the service bays working on a Volkswagen or taking care of customers, Dane enjoys spending time at home with his fiancée and his two golden retrievers. He is also an avid sport shooter.