David Farnham

David Farnham
Parts Manager


When you have 24 years of experience in automotive service along with master certifications from numerous German automobile manufacturers plus a degree in business management, you can pretty much choose the dealership you want to work at. David decided he wanted to work at a truly exceptional dealership and that meant Volkswagen of South Charlotte.

Like many who choose a career in automotive service, David has love for cars, particularly European brands and has always enjoyed learning everything about the workings both inside and out. David also enjoys working with his customers to help them get the most enjoyment out of their vehicles. He also likes to educate his customers about the basic operations of whatever they’re driving because a little automotive knowledge can go a long way.

For David, customer satisfaction means knowing he did all he could to help each and every one of his client. He takes a great deal of pride in knowing he provided the right part the first time a customer called or came in to Volkswagen of South Charlotte.

When not at work David enjoys spending time with his fiancée and his two sons. He also loves watching football and NASACAR as well as taking long walks on the beach and visiting historic sites to learn more about where the US came from to how it got where it is today.

Dustin Thompson

Dustin Thompson
Assistant Parts Manager


If any of the other members of Volkswagen of South Charlotte parts department were to have a question, Dustin would be the person they’d ask. Odds are he’d know the answer before they were finished asking the question. This should come as no surprise considering his 16 years in the parts business including his six years at Volkswagen of South Charlotte.

With years of training from multiple car manufacturers and a five year master certification from Volkswagen, Dustin can name just about every part that goes into assembling most vehicles on the road today.

Dustin’s enthusiasm for his job and automobiles in general is matched by his enthusiasm for assisting customers and getting them the correct parts for their vehicle while providing them with the satisfaction they deserve. In fact Dustin defines customer satisfaction as “going above and beyond to make customers happy with their experience at the dealership”.

When he’s not getting the right part for a customer in order to give them truly exceptional service Dustin likes to spend as time with his wife and children. He is also very involved with his church and frequently engages in community service. Dustin and his family are avid sports fans and love to travel as well.

Doug DeSalvo - Wholesale Parts Manager

Doug DeSalvo
Wholesale Parts Manager


Many people believe there’s nothing like on the job training to help someone master a profession. Doug DeSalvo is living proof of that as he marks his 23rd year in automotive service and parts management. You don’t put in that kind of time unless you know your way around a parts department and most importantly, you enjoy what you do, which is not surprising since Doug has been fixing and racing “whatever he could get his hands on” since he was old enough to get behind the wheel. Both of those descriptions apply to Doug who has been a key player in making the Volkswagen Parts Department what it is today. In addition to being a go-to guy for parts solutions, Doug has become a customer favorite during his five and half years here at Volkswagen of South Charlotte, with many customers asking for him by name when they visit us. In fact, one of the things Doug likes most about working here is the large number of relationships he has made over the years. Doug has applies a very simple but effective philosophy towards his relationships with both his wife and his customers. He explains, “If my wife is happy then I’m happy. If my customers are happy then I’m happy too.”

When he’s not at work you can find Doug walking the streets of uptown Charlotte with his wife. From attending Panthers and Hornets games to the multitude of street festivals and parades, Doug is always on the lookout for something to do and interesting people to see.

Brent Ryan

Brent Ryan
Parts Master

Brent Ryan is proof that Volkswagen of South Charlotte is staffed by truly exceptional individuals. Bringing six years of parts and managerial expertise along with a parts master certification with him, Brent has made himself a key player in our organization as well as a customer favorite. His enthusiasm for the Volkswagen brand, especially Volkswagen parts and accessories, combined with his love of helping people get the most from their Volkswagen experience keeps loyal customers coming back and new ones asking for Brent by name.

Why do people like dealing with Brent so much? He knows that his customers’ time is valuable so he doesn’t waste it as he answers all their questions directly and meets their parts needs quickly and efficiently.

A self-described “car guy”, Brent enjoys working on and learning about Volkswagens, even when he’s not on the clock. Brent also enjoys craft brewing, hiking with his wife and dog, and tinkering in the garage.

Adam Myers

Adam Myers
Parts Counter

Adam is a man who knows his way around a parts department having worked in them for over 7 years. As a long-time Voklswagen owner and a Volkswagen certified “parts-meister”, Adam feels right at home at the parts counter of Volkswagen of South Charlotte and he makes his customers feel the same way.

Adam enjoys nothing more than finding the right part whatever the situation calls for be it simple replacement, upgrading, performance enhancement, accessorizing, or customization. Whatever his customers need from their Volkswagens, Adam’s got the part to make it happen.

When not fixing up his own Volkswagen or helping other Volkswagen owners do the same, Adam likes bow hunting and surfing.